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Wild Pilates is a tranquil Reformer Pilates studio located in Newmarket, Auckland. We are specialists in dynamic Reformer Pilates, classes and privates. We provide Reformer classes for all levels and hope to inspire our clients to experience the benefits of not just Pilates but also getting out into the Wild.

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How our classes work

Reformer - Level 1

A slower paced class with exercises selected
to focus on correct Pilates form and alignment.
More detailed instruction perfect for clients
rehabbing injuries, those still wanting a great
workout but prefer essential level exercises.
This is the class to start with if you are new
to Wild Pilates.

55 minutes Reformer

Reformer - Level 2

This dynamic class is designed to sculpt and
strengthen lean muscles and build a strong core.
You will move faster through exercises selected to
further challenge the entire body at an intermediate
level. Perfect for clients wanting to improve strength,
posture and toning.

55 minutes Reformer

Reformer Fit

Our signature Wild Pilates class. An intermediate full body
workout. Perfect for clients wanting to work hard,
get sweaty and increase muscle tone. Class includes
Reformer, smaller props on the Mat , jumping exercises
and athletic barre.

55 minutes mixed equipment

Reformer - Open Level

A dynamic full body workout on the Reformer with
a focus on clients working at their own pace. Suitable
for Level 1 and Level 2 clients. Clients will be challenged
to strengthen and lengthen the body but everything
can be modified to suit you.

55 minutes Reformer

Private Session

This premium service will fine tune your Pilates
technique with a programme tailored to your
individual goals with exclusive attention from
your instructor. Based on your preference the
session can incorporate Reformer, Stability
chair, Mat Pilates and Barre. Perfect for clients
wanting targeted fast results, rehabbing injuries,
or Pilates first timers. 2 to 1 sessions can
be arranged.

55 minutes Reformer

Prenatal Pilates

Prenatal clients are welcome in our Reformer classes.
There are many benefits of doing Pilates throughout
your pregnancy. We ask that you email us before
the first class to ensure you are aware of the
modifications. We look forward to supporting
you on this journey.

55 minutes Reformer