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Stay up to date with our latest posts on all things Wild Pilates, a place for us to share our stories and experiences. Enjoy the follow along Pilates workouts, targeted exercises with detailed instruction. Discover all of our favourite walking tracks, beaches and dreamy escapes to get you into the Wild that surrounds you. 

Explore one of the best coastal walks in New Zealand. Exceptional views along the beach contrasted with cooling patches of green bush finished off with a dip in the ocean. All just over an hour from Auckland. The walk starts along the beach until you see the sign. If you…

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Mangawhai Cliff Walk

November 26th 2019 / lifestyle

15 Minute Full Body Pilates Workout

November 22nd 2019 / at home workouts

This workout will move the entire body while focusing on the Pilates principles. It includes lots of core work, spine mobility, hip stability and posture work.  This is a challenging 15-minute workout all exercises can be modified to work at your own pace.  Join me and feel the burn with…

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This series will work the entire core and is not just for beginners or runners.  The exercises are nice and simple allowing you to focus on the breath and core connection and will challenge everyone.  Be sure to work at your own level. Enjoy! 

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Beginner Core Pilate Exercises

November 20th 2019 / at home workouts

1 Minute Pilates (on the beach) Workout

November 19th 2019 / at home workouts

A 1 Minute killer core workout focusing on abdominal endurance and strength. Engage the core and focus on the core muscles drawing down while moving with your breath.  This is an intermediate-advanced level series and can be done multiple times for a longer workout. 

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5 MIN AB WORKOUT - AT HOME PILATES ✨ Follow along at home to strengthen and tone the entire core with this intermediate-level core series. Perfect to do on it own or at the end of another workout.

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At home 5 Min Pilates Ab Workout

November 15th 2019 / at home workouts

At home 2 Min Glutes Workout

November 14th 2019 / at home workouts

Do you have trouble activating your glutes?  2 MIN AT HOME PILATES ✨  These quick exercises will help stabilise your pelvis and improve alignment of the knee.  Great to do as a warm-up to engage the glutes or on its own to target this tough area to strengthen and tone…

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No Crunches 5 Min Ab Workout with Laura Mohi From Wild Pilates ✨ This series will work the entire core without any crunches. It is important to be able to recount the core muscles without crunching and a great video to do if you need to avoid flexion for any reason.

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No Crunches 5 Min Ab Workout 

November 13th 2019 / at home workouts

10 Minute At Home Pilates

November 12th 2019 / at home workouts

AT HOME PILATES ✨  These are a few of my favourite Pilates exercises to work the entire body when you have minimal time.  Follow along with me at home, remember to save this video to do whenever you have 10 mins to move your body!

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Set on a remote peninsula with native coastal walking tracks and a beautiful white-sand beach. Just one hour north of Auckland, it is the perfect day trip. Explore one of the many tracks, spend the afternoon swimming, or stop at the famous Matakana markets on your way out.  Tāwharanui is New Zealand’s…

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Tawharanui Regional Park

October 30th 2016 / lifestyle

Piha Walks

October 30th 2016 / fitness

Piha is known for its dense bush, beautiful black sand beach and world class surf. Piha is surrounded by the Waitakere Regional parkland offering a huge number of tracks to explore.  Piha has options for all fitness levels. The famous KiteKite falls track is a great option for the whole…

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Longer, Leaner, Stronger  Pilates uses correct alignment, control, precision, breathing, and the Pilates principles to establish a perfect working body from the inside out.  Pilates can be performed on the mat using body weight and small apparatus or using larger equipment including the Reformer, Chair and Cadillac.  Benefits:  Pilates classes build…

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What is Pilates?

August 7th 2016 / pilates